Marijuana Picnic (Remixed & Remastered) For 2016 or 4​/​20​/​16

by Inspected By 13

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Focus Magazin Issue 147
by Scott Harrell

Inspected By 13
Marijuana Picnic
Recorded at Saucer Productions by Saucerman & Philo Munny

The first of a reported thirteen-disc series (God help us), Marijuana Picnic is unequal parts noise-fest, ambient groove, Beck-ish experimentation, recorded conversation, and crap. It runs the gamut from extremely intriguing to completely unlistenable, and I suspect that’s the point. It’s tough to explain; remember those tapes you used to make as a kid, you and your friend goofing around talking with the radio playing in the background. The worst parts of Marijuana Picnic are, I suspect, exactly that, but in between there’s some bold shit that actually pays off. The opening title track and the closing reprise of the title track (who knows why they went and named all thirteen of them) stand out the most, with somewhat coherent structure, the aural equivalent of an eloquently executed bad idea. The rest, well, just try it for yourself – it’s either so far beyond the pale it’s indescribable, or it’s just a bunch of stuff put to tape. Ably recorded, all the stuff that’s dirty is supposed to be. You, the reader, are probably more confused about Inspected By 13 now than you were when you began, and, again, I suspect that’s the point.


released April 20, 2016

Philo Munny: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, All out insanity.
Brett Spivey: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, All out insanity.



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Track Name: The Walker
The Walker

I am the walker
I walk from 8 to 4:35

You are the gawkers
I laugh at you assholes as you pass by

Going driving downtown
What do you care about me?
Walk in circles all day
Nothing to do but waste time away

I am the walker
Walking in circles on East Bay Drive
On East Bay Drive

I am the walker
You pass me by as you go to work

Loss your time all day
I walk in circles my time is mine not yours

I f I get tired I lay down on this bench and go to sleep
Without a soul to keep for about an hour

What do you care?
Get your fast food
Eat your bullshit

I am the walker you motherfucker
I am the walker you fucking prick
I am the walker you motherfucker
I am the walker you fucking prick
I am the walker you motherfucker
I am the walker you fucking prick
I am the walker you motherfucker
I am the walker you fucking prick

I walk alone with you in this bullshit world
I walk in circles everyday from 8 to 4:35
On East Bay Drive
Check me out on holidays as well